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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

About Me

Matthew Almand

Ever since I can remember I was always drawing and excited about illustration from comic books (I still have my copy of “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way”) to various artistic pieces that evoked the “coolness” factor and a strong desire to mimic them.

Never really knowing how to turn those passions into a career, I found my way in college with arts courses under a practicing Graphic Artist.

With the advent of computers taking on design and illustration capabilities, I then knew just what I wanted to do … Graphic Design.

  • Passionate about good visual design
  • Thrives in team-oriented environments
  • Picks up concepts and software interfaces very quickly
  • Needs heads downtime each day to recharge
  • Holds self to high work and quality standard
  • Loves to help team members and support their efforts
  • Always self-assessing and seeking to learn from it


What I know – I am most experienced with visual and modern design concepts. I have also focused parts of my career on front-end development and use it to augment and inform my design approaches. I can take business goals, design requirements, or agreed concepts and execute on them at any level of UX or design needed. From concept design to high fidelity mockups I am versed in many design, research, and concepting tools to complete the ask.

Who I’ve worked with – The majority of my career has been spent working on product teams usually with a PM, several developers, and a tester. I have typically been the first and/or sole designer for these teams occasionally taking on one to four additional designers as work effort expands. However, I have also worked directly with numerous marketing teams and even directly with customers in both professional and side work.

What I work on – I design interfaces for web applications, responsive websites, and mobile apps, But I also build branding (logos, icons, color sets), related style guides, design systems, diagrams, and flows.

What its like to work with me

I have a good bit of experience to share and love to do so. Conversely, I am just as eager a learner and ready to grow from the knowledge and experiences of others. I am excited to get into a problem and work through it considering the business cost, technical limitations, and how design can help solve the challenges it presents.

 I don’t care much for job titles, tend to prefer flat organizations and I love working on teams. Much of my career has been working directly on product development teams and supporting their efforts to create great software and websites. 

When you work alongside me you will find I am supportive, respectful of your ideas, humble, and that I hold myself and those around me to a high standard of quality. 

Outside of work

When I am not designing amazing things, you can usually find me at the gym lifting weights or I’ll be found in various parks playing disc golf with my son in tow, otherwise, I’ll be on the soccer field watching him play.

Out in the wild

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