The Portfolio of Matthew Almand

Matthew Almand

UX/UI Visual Designer

Over 20 years of industry experience in designing application, web and mobile interfaces. More recently as director of UX, I have been executing and refining my vision of tooling, processes and team structure that can minimize hand off time and maximize teams time in solving hard customer problems.

Work Experience

incident IQ / Director of UX

July 2021 – Present

Since joining Incident IQ I have been defining, executing on, refining and sharing my vision for a hybrid design team that supports development tactical teams.  

This hybrid team consists of both full stack designers (discovery and delivery) embedded on these dev tactical teams and also “support designers” that provide these teams with components, patterns and practices at the platform level.

Utilizing tooling including Figma and Zeroheight, which can both provide documentation and socialize designs, we insure the customers journeys in whatever product or area is consistent and easily understood.

My ultimate goal is to minimize the time these teams spend on existing known patterns and components and shift their focus to mostly solving and innovating on hard customer problems in our products. / Principal UX Designer (Agility)

October 2019 – May 2021

Most recently worked on the Agility product (formerly called VersionOne) under a newly implemented research/design process where I took findings and journey maps from the research team and created interface concepts based on top tasks and user roles.

Before this, I coordinated both a design system in Figma and a documentation site in ZeroHeight for the company’s vision of a single front-end experience across its products. I also researched and recruited talent to form our newly expanded UX team.

Collabnet VersionOne / Senior UX Designer

October 2010 – October 2019

2010 – 2016 – I was the original designer for the VersionOne product brought on to enhance the product appearance and solve usability issues that plagued users. Later on, I worked with three additional designers as our team expanded and helped to build several new successful features like “teamrooms” in the tool. This also included a patented site map navigation system.
I also facilitated workshops on design principles for the development teams including empathy mapping and ideation sessions.

2016 – 2018 – Before the acquisition of Collabnet V1 by, I lead the design team of three for the new ossum team product and continued my duties as design lead for the VersionOne Product.

This included creating interfaces around complex patterns found in Agile Methodologies and providing guidance for development as well as coding front-end portions of the application and accompanying websites. I also have overseen multiple design refreshes to meet key business results over the products many years of evolution.

In addition, I have worn the hats of teacher, mentor, sherpa, and servant leader at different times during my tenure.

ista North America / UI Designer

November 2008 – October 2010

Joined ista North America to work on Project Everest. The goal of this tool was to unify through an interface the various metering products ista had on offer. The software was built on Microsoft’s YAML language so I could directly convert SVG into YAML code.

My duties included researching existing tooling and understanding the needs of the support team to build a better useable experience. Later I also built a mobile app to handle tenant apartment checkout which connected to various systems to provide a final bill.

Mountain Reservations / Senior Web Designer

December 2007 – November 2008

At Mountain Reservations I built websites for the many listing locations of the MR properties. Using web standards I coordinated directly with MR reps to build out proper SEO content for the numerous sites.

Taking Design assets from the graphics team I implemented and designed the layout to present the design assets and supported print variations.

More work history available upon request


Visual – Illustration, Graphics, Color Sets, Design System, Website Design, Pattern Libraries

Tools – Figma, Adobe Suite, Sketch, Zeplin

Concept – Wireframes, Mockups Low and High Fidelity, Sketches, Journey Maps, Prototypes (Design tool & code)

Tools – Figma, InVision, Marvel App, Miro, Mindmiester, Microsoft Office

Code – Front end – HTML, CSS, JS, Prototypes, Features, Components, Animation

Tools – Atom Editor, Visual Studio, Codepen, Dreamweaver

Collaboration – UX Workshops, Ideation Sessions, User Testing, Team Process

Tools – InVision, Pendo, Microsoft Office, Prezi, Miro


University of New Orleans

August 1995 – October 2019

Bachelor in Fine Arts
(with specialization in graphic design)      678.651.0201

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